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Recro - Employability & Recruitment Solutions

Do You Need To Recruit People In Chippenham?

Recro is an employability and recruitment solutions training company and consultancy.

Our employment training courses are unique, we utilise personal and professional development, with recruitment, coaching and learning. We help employers hire and develop people and access a broader and more diverse talent pool.

We’re currently working in Chippenham and interested in speaking to employers to understand their recruitment needs, including skills shortages, current and pending vacancies and potential opportunities they may be able to offer including work experience placements and taster days.

This model saves you time and money, avoiding going through hundreds of CVs from jobsites which may have little relevance or interest to your requirements.

We don’t charge for this service and can timesheet and payroll candidates similar to a recruitment agency if that helps you.

The single biggest issue for many employers when they are hiring is attitude. Most are happy to hire for attitude and train for skill.

When people have lost their job, had a period of illness or life event, they have often lost confidence. The longer it takes to find work, their motivation and aspiration can suffer. Navigating through digital recruitment channels can be a challenge (for all parties) and before long they don’t believe that work is possible.

Recro helps people we train get The Life and Career They Want by giving them a paradigm shift in confidence, motivation and aspiration, developing new knowledge and skills, helping them reach their full potential. We train people to understand how recruitment works, what employers really need and support them with coaching and mentoring.

Many people just need an in and this is one of the services we provide employers. Once we understand what you’re looking for, if we have someone we believe is suitable, we let you know and they are fed into the recruitment process. Ideally, we’d like to get them straight into interview or assessment.

Every sector is experiencing skills shortages. Candidates are becoming more difficult to access and attract. Many recruitment agencies are running out of placable candidates, government solutions can often be complex and unresponsive and lack the agility to meet employer’s needs.

Business needs to be able to tap into broader and more diverse pools of talent. These often need some specialist support and nurturing which is what we do. Working with Recro will enable you to do that.